Simple Gharelu Totke for Vashikaran – Achuk Powerful Vashikaran Totke

What are Totke for Vashikaran and How Powerful These Totke Can Be?

Powerful Vashikaran totke at homeDo you believe in Indian Ancient Astrology? If yes then probably you would have heard the term Tone Totke through someone and also the impacts of these powerful Totke for vashikaran have on someone. In our Indian society we see some simple Totke for vashikaran when somebody in our family seems to have physical problems or say illness. You would have seen your grand-mother or mother doing some simple tone Totke for vashikaran like burning a cotton piece dipped with mustard oil and then crushing that cotton piece with foot. This is an example of removing evil eye from someone in our family and is a common practice old women tend to do quite often when feel any younger kid is having evil eye on him. Before going through to know what vashikaran totke are you must understand that there is some scientific impact every entity we found in our nature. Out of them all few are such that we use commonly in our daily life and when we perform a specific procedure through these common things to do certain things in our life then it’s known as vashikaran Tone Totke in Hindi.

Simple Yet Powerful Totke for Vashikaran

Simple Gharelu Vashikaran TotkeTo Strong this Fact further do you know vashikaran process can also be applied through vegetable and plants as well as because there are certain plants in our nature which leave supersonic waves and nature of these supersonic waves continuously change according to day and night depending on relative position of sun and earth in our planet system. Besides these every plant has its own characteristics as well and when combines with supersonic waves and are capable of doing certain things. Plants and trees can understand even human expressions. An explicit example of this is worshipping of banyan tree (Peepal Ka Ped) in Indian culture.

Vashikaran Totke’s are easy to perform, extremely powerful Totke that everyone can perform and that even home. It’s possible to resolve every problem in life through vashikaran tone Totke. These vashikaran totke’s can be available in your local language other than Hindi, Urdu and English. Vashikaran is a process of attracting or controlling someone’s mind using special set of mantras or procedure. When vashikaran is done through process without using vashikaran puja mantras it’s known as vashikaran totke and even a common man can perform vashikaran totke but if you want to get rid of your problem through powerful vashikaran puja, vashikaran rituals (anushthan) aka vashikaran puja then you should consult to an experienced vashikaran specialist astrologer like our Molvi Rahim Sheikh Ji.

Some Gharelu and Achuk Totke Upay for Vashikaran

Some Gharelu Totke for Vashikaran through Kali Mirch

Kaali Mirch – Kali Mirch Ke Totke

Gharelu Totke for Vashikaran through Kali MirchIf you are in love with someone who does not pay proper attention on you and is in love with someone else then you can apply this Gharelu totke for vashikaran on the person you love. You can perform this vashikaran through kaali mirch on your home or at any silent place. After this the person you will perform this achuk kaali mirch vashikaran tone totke will be in your control completely and will do everything in your life according to you.

Take 5 seeds of Kali Mirch and roll over from your own head 21 times and then standing on the bank of a river or at silent place throw 4 pieces of black pepper in 4 directions and 5th one on top in the direction of sky and chant the name of your lover upto 108 times keeping him or her in your heart. This Gharelu achuk totke for vashikaran is quite fast and works in seconds even. Through this you can control any person you love in your life.

Gharelu Achuk Totke for Vashikaran Through Water


Gharelu Achuk Totke for Vashikaran Through WaterOM Namo Trijat Lambodar Vad Vad

(Lover Name)

Akarshye Akashye Swaha

Repeat this mantra total 51 times keeping your right hand on water and give this glass of water to your lover and as soon as that person will get a sip of water, he will be in your control completely.

Gharelu Totke for Vashikaran Through Tea To Bring Someone Under Your Control


Ohm Bhairav Dev

Nagar Mohu Raja Mohu

Nagar Nayak( replace Nagar Nayak with Lover) Mohu

Dev Mohu Shri Bhairav Ki Shakti

Furo Mantra Ishwaro Wacha

Enchant this simple Gharelu totke for vashikaran mantra just only 7 times keeping your right hand on a tea cup. After chanting mantra 7 times give the tea cup to that person to drink and asap he/she will drink the cup of tea will be in your control completely. Person will follow you thereafter and will do as you will say. Remember that you have chant this mantra behind the person he/she could not see you while performing this otherwise wouldn’t work.